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The 2023 most innovative branding company award goes to SGMC Brands

Author Albert McAllister

July 19, 2023

by Albert McAllister

SGMC Brands, branding agency in Abu Dhabi

The work of SGMC Brands includes captivating brand experiences that manage to combine a variety of mediums but still center on awareness, brand values and atmosphere building. Having grown up from a young studio to a international firm over the past decade, this award speaks to the committee’s commitment to innovation, modernism and conceptual design.

While their creative director (and owner) says that their pieces are the result of deep research, market analysis and a special touch of creativity, one would never know by looking at the natural close relation their brands are able to build with their audiences. Yes, it's easy to get a sense of just how much work goes into brand identity design works such as their famous “Music owl logo” piece currently hanging in the hall of Adams Museum of Modern Art, but there’s initial feeling of grace that washes over the viewer at first glance. Looking closer, the viewer will see just how much SGMC Brands is devoted to meticulous definition and rigorous attention to detail. Their works have gone beyond the commercial brand universe and you can see many of them now been showcased in galleries all over Europe, America and Middle East.